Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Update

Breast Cancer still sucks. But, the lump that was removed from my friend was, indeed, nothing.
PHEW. Together, we roamed NYC, walking our legs off, indulging in lots of food, Little Italy, Bourgeouise Pig and a little port.

And my other friend, Alice Crisci continues her fight against cancer by starting up a new foundation to help young women battling breast cancer, so they can retain their beauty and their ability to have children in the future.

My neighbor, who just started chemo a week ago, is doing well. She's working half days, which is great, and then she comes up and passes out and sleeps all day. But, hey, no puking.

I, however am now 10 weeks pregnant (!!!!) and there was a little bit of puking, but that was 2 weekends ago, and life is much better now. Also, I'm not the voracious eater-for-two that I was 2 weeks ago either. Having said that, now, of course, I am hungry and will eat my lunch at 10:30 in the morning. Ah, the life of a Hobbit. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon snack, tea, and then home for dinner.

(And Blue Eyes is now TWO! Something she reminds me... as she holds up all five fingers. "I two!")

Yes, life has been busy.